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In today’s blog and video I wanted to give a quick update on some of the inquiries that we had from some of the group members in our LinkedIn checks, LinkedIn group and in our Facebook group. Some of the emails that have been coming across, that we get from our website.

Some of the questions that we have are from Daniel from Mexico, Louie from Houston and Rodrigo from Calgary. Some of the requirements that we’re actually looking for in terms of other Wireless Site Survey Companies that are going to be listed in our directory sites and I’m just going to go through the list that we have.

The first and foremost thing is the wireless site survey software. You gonna need the version of air magnet site survey which was purchase by fluke and then eventually became net air magnet product. You could Google Air Magnet if you have that then we want to make sure that you have the latest version of Air Magnet.

If you don’t have an Air Magnet then the second choice is Ekahau. Ekahau wants to make sure that you have the latest software as well. The second thing is going to be a spectrum analyzer that could be any choice that you select. We recommend Metageek just because of the price compared to the high-end spectrum analyzer. We found Metageek spectrum analyzer works just as well as spectrum analyzer that might be 3 up the cost.

The third thing that I’m going to go over my list is a Sample Site Survey Report. It has majority of the things that were looking for like signal-to-noise-ratio your spectrum analyzer reports distance from Wireless Access Point to the MDF so that could include the copper runs and so on. We’re also looking for references from a customer that you provided as a wireless sector before. It could be either in the office or warehouse.

The last thing is going to be a quick 15-30 minute call with one of our engineers or myself. We’re just  gonna kind of go over I guess tough process and make sure that we’re all on the same level. On the call, it’s probably about 60% technical. For the companies that are being listed on our director we want to make sure that are their customers that are looking for Wireless Site Surveys. We want to make sure that they’re getting a qualified engineer or a qualified company to perform that Wireless Site Survey. It doesn’t matter where you’re in if you perform Wireless Site Surveys for an IDC for warehousing or for offices. We just want to make sure that fundamentals are there and everything else so, I’m gonna do hop into my PC and iI’m just gonna show you exactly how the websites gonna look in the directory it’s still in beta. It hasn’t fully launched but like I mentioned to Danielle and Tina’s out there that when you claim your spot on the directory there’ll be one site survey company in your city. For example, if you’re in the Houston area and your particular city in Houston you could cover about 200 kilometer radius. That’s how we’re structuring our directory.

In terms of other value add services like I mentioned Wireless Site Surveys are great to get into a company because you could also be providing some other functions or value add services like we do. We were in the IDC market, we provide our code scanning, printer repair, wireless scanner implementations and software services. That’s the added benefit if you’re a cabling contractor this could be an added benefit as well. If you also perform Wireless Site Surveys a lot of times when you perform Wireless Site Survey they’re subcontracting, your network cabling or you’re actually providing it in-house.  

Let’s jump into my PC and I’m going to show you what the software looks like and or those of you who want to join the direct. You just reach out to me on LinkedIn or reach out to me on Facebook. I’m gonna have my links down below and I’ll see you on my PC and you can find the video above.

Here’s our website temporarily it’s just being made and as you can see what they are looking for. Here’s the location and it’s gonna be looking something similar to this but as of right now we get a lot of calls in the U.S, in the U.K and in Mexico. If you’re looking at getting onto our directory. I would email us right away just to secure your spot. The starting fees right now it’s $99 a month and I can get to more detailed information of what it includes. It includes a video file, a video format, kind of like an interview just showing that your company’s available posted on our YouTube page and it’s also gonna have all your contact information.

It also ranks organically within YouTube and it’s gonna also rank organically in Google. Our website is still being updated. If you do have questions like I mentioned reach out to me with the links below on LinkedIn. 

Here are our wireless site survey directory FAQ’s and requirements. Please reach out to me on Linkedin for any questions.

Our Network structured cabling directory & wireless site survey directory can be found here;

If your an IT group, MSP company, network contractor, structured cabling company or perform wireless site survey’s please join our group to discuss lead generation strategies and if your interested in joining our Wireless site survey directory (for cabling companies, IT contractors and MSP’s) 

FB Group –

If your specialty isn’t in (mainly for MSP or managed service companies or other IT companies) wireless site surveys or network cabling, barcode scanning and WMS software than the course cost are $2997. 

For those of you who joined our directory yes it is $99/month and it includes the course at a discounted price. As long as you belong to the network cabling directory and wireless site survey directory. 

The website is currently in revamp mode and should be up soon. The course is available but we are waiting for our site to be complete.

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions.

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