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In today’s blog, I just want to give everyone a quick update for those of you who are looking at joining our contractor installer group for wireless like surveys and network cabling and other IT contractors or similar contract positions here most of it like I mentioned it’s still the same categories the site is still focused mostly on structure cabling and Wireless site surveys primarily wireless site survey.

Just an update for this we had to change the theme of our website from I think it was called service directory to a list of our theme just because some of the functionality didn’t make good businesses like we wanted to make it easier for you guys to just add your listing and then we approve it in the backend and then you can kind of go about. Like uploading your images, adding your links to your profile, adding your phone number, etc. that’s just an update there.

Otherwise, it’s still gonna look the same. We still get the same amount of prescience per city for certain services like I mentioned the two most popular directory listing are wireless site surveys and network and data cabling then beside that we have barcode scanners repair because we get calls for that and then warehouse management system software just because with wireless site surveys they kind of go hand in hand. If you work in the AI DC environment and when you’re doing wireless access points, you always have the opportunity to do the network and data cabling and if you don’t you outsource it. So this is a good complement to all four of these especially if you’re in AIDC. This is how the new website is going to look. It should be done by developers which my team says it should be done today but I say probably a week.

If you want to search for a contractor let me just give an example. This is all integrated with Google Maps API, so it’s very accurate now. When I go to a location. You know as I start typing in this is actually using Google Maps development API so very accurate and then you choose your category. Now, we’re cabling and because we haven’t molded anything nothing is here so as you can see it’s a lot easier. If someone’s looking for a contractor within your city. Let’s say in Toronto and they don’t find it then they could always expand out or they could pinch the map if they’re on mobile or can kind of zoom in and zoom out on the Google developer Map so very intuitive, very easy so like I mentioned it’s gonna apply the same rules if you’re a contractor for cabling.

We’re gonna allow contractors and it’s gonna use the bump off map method meaning it’s seniority so that’s why it’s important to get on this list as soon as possible. The people who have seniority are the people who have registered for the course or that are paying for a monthly fee or monthly subscription. If you’re paying for the monthly subscription or have bought the course for our lead generation for IT contractors and cabling installers then your listing can stay but for now it’ll be free. For example, let’s say you’re in PA in Pennsylvania. PA is a big state you’ve got Philadelphia Pittsburgh. So in Pittsburgh we could have two contractors here for cabling two contractors for Wireless site surveys and then Philadelphia the same thing too. For cabling, wireless site surveys and that’s it now. Let’s say both of these are free and then one person or one company wants to pay the ninety nine dollars per month. Then, one of them gets bumped off but like I mentioned there’s only gonna be two contractors. Let’s say that they want to pay, it’s all about seniority in this event so anyways that’s how the site is gonna work for now like I mentioned. For example, Let’s say you’re in Toronto. Toronto is another big city we’re gonna divide this by a kilometer radius. In Toronto it’s gonna be the Greater Toronto area.

Some of the cities that’ll be covered that’ll be allowed is like Mississauga maybe Markham. Markham is gonna be like the York Region and then you can have like the London Waterloo Region and the same thing applies. For example, let’s say we go to California let’s go to Texas so Texas you gotta Fort Worth then you have a Murillo so, we might be sectioning it off as Amarillo and we might go down to the standing Austin area, Houston area, Fort Worth etc. So that’s how it’s going to be divided.

As we grow, it’ll be case by case so that;s why it’s important add your listing it’s free for now as we get more hits and more website traffic and more visitors because our marketing team is just constantly putting on blogs doing SEO just so your customers can search for you. When your customers look for and now we’re cabling installers in Austin Texas you guys come up so it’s important and they get on the list and your listing pretty easily comes over to the top section and then all you have to do is create an account to sign in and then you just add your listings. Once you get signed in then you can start modifying everything you could put your cover image and gallery images on. I’d recommend putting some images of your office. Put in your logo, your hours of operation, select your category. If you’re networking data cabling and then your listing region. Right now, like I mentioned it’s still in development so we’re gonna put in our regions. If you don’t see your region just let us know and we’ll add it.

Like I mentioned it’s free for now as we grow. Just continue to ask us questions in our Facebook group. You can come over here for the link to our Facebook Group. Lead generation on autopilot pros and in order to join our group you need to state your company and your website and then just let us know if you’re into wireless accessories or cabling.

That is it for our website update. I just want to give everyone an update because I’ve had probably about like five emails yesterday asking us about when the site’s gonna be ready. I’ll provide another update. Our development teams have just been a little bit slow so any of these guys stay safe out there and I’ll speak to everyone soon.


Network Cabling Directory Update SEO description

Just an update on our network cabling directory and how to properly use our website. The description part is key when filling out your information on our network cabling directory website. When your potential customers are looking for a cabling or network structured cabling company in your city make sure you have the proper keywords + city in your description. Don’t keyword stuff make it blend in naturally.

Our Network structured cabling directory & wireless site survey directory can be found here;

If your an IT group, MSP company, network contractor, structured cabling company or perform wireless site survey’s please join our group to discuss lead generation strategies and if your interested in joining our Wireless site survey directory (for cabling companies, IT contractors and MSP’s)

FB Group –

If your specialty isn’t in (mainly for MSP or managed service companies or other IT companies) wireless site surveys or network cabling, barcode scanning and WMS software than the course cost are $1997.

For those of you who joined our directory yes it is $99/month and it includes the course at a discounted price. As long as you belong to the network cabling directory and wireless site survey directory.

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