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Hey guys, here’s another update. We change the theme for our website for the directory listing for the network cabling directory, structure cabling directory and for a wireless site survey directory. We changed a theme, we still have all of our other contractors and companies in here but we’re a little short on stuff so we are slowly adding your companies to our list but we did make some changes.

The main change is there’s no more longitude and latitude field. Right now, you have to select the region.

For example: click in Canada, we have all the provinces. We’re slowly adding in each province (the major territories) depending on what state or province. Let’s say you’re in the US and your state isn’t that big compared to Los Angeles or New York.

Let’s say you’re in a small state, your population isn’t that big. You wouldn’t have that many contractors, counties, profit or cities within your province.

Example: More in Ontario, one of our offices in Ontario but within Ontario Geographically it’s a large area.

For a Network Cabling company to be listed in our directory we can have multiple cabling contractors in Ontario. So, you won’t see your city or let’s say you don’t see your state or your county. The first thing you want to do is email us and say “can you please add this county” and we will.

We’ll take a look at the area, see if there are any contractors in there. Then, we’ll add you or will add that unique county or city within your state. For this province of Ontario like Ottawa itself is pretty large so we might have four contractors in there. In Ontario you have Toronto and within Toronto, you have major cities or areas or municipalities within the GTA so you might have Oakville which is out in the West and then you might have someone in the East like picker and Ottawa and then you might have someone that might take care of downtown Toronto. You can have two in Toronto, Two in Ottawa and maybe two in Mississauga. That’ll take care of Toronto so we’ll have a total of six within the Greater Toronto Area. That’s for six cabling installers and for Wireless Site Survey is the same thing. You might have six installers or maybe two. It just depends on everyone’s county state and city depending on the population because like I mentioned there’s probably only going to be two cabling companies, two wireless site survey companies for each city so we don’t want it to be too competitive as we do more marketing optimization for each our cities and contractors that we work with.

The main thing is you want to add your listing. I’m gonna show you exactly how you show up. (You can see it on the video above) when your potential customers come to our directory looking for a contractor whether it’s network cabling or more on the site surveys. Here, you want to click on “Add your listing” The main key importance here is in your description because this is your SEO (search engine optimized) friendly keywords that people are looking for.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they are looking for? What is your value? & What is the product that you’re offering? If the product that you specialized in that offer is like fiber optic cabling, you want to do this. At your description, you might want to put this line by line and you want to put fiber optic cabling press ENTER. You can put in Fiber Optic Cabling is “Network Cabling Toronto” or Small Office Cabling New york city. You can put this, you could put keywords after. Make it unique, make it blend, don’t just stuff a bunch of keywords. It’s not gonna look professional but I would say after you put your description, put a little description of what your company does, who you served, how long you guys have been in business and then at the bottom just put your keywords and fiber-optic cabling.

I would recommend fiber optic cabling in New York or your city.

Because this is how you get found when your potential customers or someone’s looking for a site survey or a structure cabling or voice cabling installer. They’re gonna put this keyword here

If you have your description properly filled out you’re gonna be able to be seen within that region because they can come over here

They’re gonna go to Let’s say “Toronto” what they are looking for as long as that keyword is in there and they choose that certain category. We have “Barcode Scanner repair network” & “Data Cabling” or “Wireless Site Survey”

Majority of customers come for these two things. “Networking & Data Cabling” and “Wireless Site Survey” are 2 most populat categories. Make sure you put your description, your keyword plus your city and then they’re gonna come up and like I mentioned email us if you don’t see your county. When you submit your listing then come over here

Then  filled out all the information:

 You can select your region. Let’s say you’re in the US and you’re in the state of california. Now you’re gonna go out of your region and put LA. Like I said, if you don’t see it here underneath California you don’t see Los Angeles and then just put your region in their location and we’ll add it when we approve it. Just keep doing that, submit it. Only one listing for you guys, don’t try and have multiple emails and submit multiple listings because we approve or deny all our listings. So our team manually sees this but like I mentioned this is the most important thing. How is your description? Put a little bit about you, what niche or service and put your specialization and at the bottom put your keywords/city because that’s gonna help you get optimized and found more within our site because our site gets enough hits already. It’s gonna also help optimize your site to get found.

Anyways, I wanted to make this quick blog and video because I had a lot of questions from other cabling companies about this. This is the most important thing and then also you get a backlink to your website and that gives you SEO Optimization. Gives you a google kind of like a plus in Google’s eyes and it’s gonna help rank your website as well. Again, put your phone number, I recommend starting a YouTube channel and I have a free course if you wanna learn how to do YouTube videos and Optimization to help your website rank. I have a free course. Keep watching our YouTube videos.

Anyways, if you don’t know what kind of keyword tools to use, contact us. I think we have a free video on what keywords the best to use.

Network Cabling Directory Update SEO description

Just an update on our network cabling directory and how to properly use our website. The description part is key when filling out your information on our network cabling directory website. When your potential customers are looking for a cabling or network structured cabling company in your city make sure you have the proper keywords + city in your description. Don’t keyword stuff make it blend in naturally.

Our Network structured cabling directory & wireless site survey directory can be found here;

If your an IT group, MSP company, network contractor, structured cabling company or perform wireless site survey’s please join our group to discuss lead generation strategies and if your interested in joining our Wireless site survey directory (for cabling companies, IT contractors and MSP’s)

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If your specialty isn’t in (mainly for MSP or managed service companies or other IT companies) wireless site surveys or network cabling, barcode scanning and WMS software than the course cost is $1997.

For those of you who joined our directory yes it is $99/month and it includes the course at a discounted price. As long as you belong to the network cabling directory and wireless site survey directory.

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