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In today’s blog, I wanted to give an update on the free course that we’re offering right now. So this is kind of a sample of what you’ll get if you decide to sign up for the paid course. The paid course isn’t ready yet, we’re just been adding a lot of content to it and the reason why I decided to do a paid course is just to complement those of you who have signed up for our paid membership for the Wireless site survey directory group and network cabling group. For those of you who have signed on for a membership for the directory, you do get a discount for a complete paid course which is the full course but this is just an update for what we’re offering for the free course. In the free course, I’ll have a link out to it very soon but anyways it’s called the IT MSP free lead generation course and this applies for if you’re an IT company, a managed service provider or network cabling company or a wireless site survey group this will apply for you. This is mostly focused on lead generation strategies for MSP and IT companies because like I mentioned for those of you who have been following me I own Innovative Digital Group and Site Survey Pros.

I’ve been doing Site Surveys and IT and network cabling for the last 18-20 years. Based on that just sharing my experiences of how our team does lead generation through digital marketing Linkedin etc. There is so much you can do with video and I really emphasize a lot with YouTube and video not even YouTube just video itself because as you establish yourself as an authority people will be more willing to buy from you if they know and trust you. That’s just a fact. The more value provided to your initiative clients it’ll help you win those deals because even before going to an on site meeting like went before I go into an on-site meeting.

The majority of my customers have seen me on YouTube, they seen my face, they know what I look like. I can tell the ones who don’t like me they just don’t buy from me. They don’t schedule meetings week but the ones who do schedule meetings with us or my group because I do a majority of the sales. All go out there, I’ll do the implementations as well the majority of them have found me through YouTube even Cisco.

Cisco found us through YouTube and said you know they need a logistics expert in Wireless to help with an implementation or a design of a wireless site survey for the warehouse. They’ve already seen the area to know me and they’re comfortable with me. Anyways, get on video guys but the free course is here. Let me just open it up for you. It goes into the introduction to the free course, which you can expect then it goes into a little bit of the paid course when it’s ready. There’s gonna be a waiting list on it. I’m not offering it to everyone as of yet. Here is the introduction and then the free course you get the D.A.S IT and the reason why I called it D.A.S IT because it stands for delegate automate and systematize it. Basically, I think this is the way the majority of MSPs IT companies should approach their digital marketing or their marketing campaigns is learn how to automate everything as much as you can.

I’ve hired a lot of salespeople over the years. I’ve had sales people from anywhere from $20 an hour up to $80,000 a year plus commission and it’s been challenging especially when employees are entitled to certain things underneath the Ontario labor acts and everything so it’s difficult for you as a business owner to kind of delegate things to some of these employees where some of them say “that’s not part of my job description etc” especially when we were dealing with customer service reps. We wanted them to do a little bit. We had a couple of customer service saying “that’s not part of our job description” . What can you do? Right? They’re entitled to certain laws of state laws.

I always like to emphasize delegate automate and systematize it because when you have your processes and your systems, procedures in place. All they need to do is follow those instructions that have been documented. I like to document things on video with my virtual assistants. They know everyday what to do because they could always go back to a video and learn from it or if they forget they go through it. I always tell them to go back to the video and go through it or If I have new material, I will create that document because if my virtual assistant leaves, gets fired, leaves, decides to go away or decides to take a vacation it’s easy for us to hire someone again. Go through that video and they’ll learn all that information. I don’t have to spend 10-12 hours or days trying to onboard someone. It just makes it a lot easier and then when I talk about delegating all your marketing and your lead generation strategies again it’s system ties, it’s processed, it’s been already built.

If we need to ramp up automation and lead generation strategies we’re gonna hire two or three more people they’re gonna follow the exact same thing or they’re gonna go through our hire team and learn from our top reps like Diona. They’re gonna learn from Diona gonna send them to training. If they have any questions they’re gonna go through our Facebook group or our Zoom calls that we have so get into the process guys of doing this. Does it delegate automate systematize it and then here, in the free course. I go through the introduction, the steps to successfully automate your lead generation strategies. I briefly just describe what has worked for us: what you should be doing daily tasks for your virtual assistants.

Just 2 steps, I do have a lot of steps I’ll show you in the video. So basically, blog content posting and outsourcing. You might have a great product, great service we all know we do great quality work in terms of your IT practices but if you’re not found whether it’s in the top three of map packs in Google search in the top listings then it doesn’t matter how good you are, how great a product you have. If you can’t be found? You’re not gonna get customers’ bottom line. You need to start doing a daily consistent approach of blog content whether it’s YouTube videos , embed whether it’s content strategy is posting, get it done, get the right keywords that people are looking for in your local area like best manager service provider in Chicago or Microsoft expert in Chicago. 

You need to get these articles out there without consistency you won’t be found. It’s the same thing as your competitors. Let’s say, I’ll give an analogy and you guys are doing a workout competition, the one who keeps more consistent, keeps a regiment consistent is gonna win that bodybuilding competition or that will cup competition. It’s the same thing as your competitors when you’re competing against who’s gonna rank number one. For the best Microsoft Outlook expert, whoever is most consistent putting a great quality content is gonna rank number one. They’re gonna get more majority of those calls but if you’re not doing any content strategy or out looking or outsourcing, you’re just not going to be found.

We’re gonna go into blog content, how to post, how to outsource and what to do. LinkedIn lead generation strategies. If you’re not on LinkedIn I really recommend getting into LinkedIn. I’m gonna go over the basics of getting started with LinkedIn lead generation strategies. What you should do and shouldn’t do and how you fully automate things because LinkedIn lead generation making the connection request is important and I go through how to get your landing page done because as soon as you make a connection request people see you. You need to make sure that your landing page clearly states what you do. For example, one of my LinkedIn profiles is you know I help digital marketing agencies.

My LinkedIn lead generation or my LinkedIn profile pages, I help warehouses. I forgot exactly what my LinkedIn pages but I’ve got two LinkedIn accounts one of them is I help MSP IT and the other one is I help warehouses because I kind of divide my time between warehouse management systems so I help warehouses with technology. The other one is I help MSPs and IT companies with lead generation strategies. When someone comes into my LinkedIn page they know exactly what I’m looking for and what I’m here to help them with. Whether they like it or they don’t they’ll either accept the connection request or they won’t. Sometimes I get into LinkedIn lead generation strategies in this free course and then like I mentioned the paid course is still being built out because there’s so much content. The reason why I made it is because we’ve had so many requests of how do you get leads, how do you do video and what kind of equipment. This is establishing your authority with video. You guys are gonna learn from my mistake because I spent over 15,000 on video equipment whereas I could have only spent a couple of hundred dollars just to get started. For me, I like to go all out and that was my problem. I still have that problem, I like to go all out. When I had my print company, I always liked to have double or triple of everything in case a printer went down. I owed one, two to three as a backup because I didn’t want volume to stop and even though a printer was 20,000 or 60,000 I bought them.

This is establishing your authority with video video video like and trust. They go through what equipment you need, how to get started with YouTube, how to create your YouTube channel, how to start incorporating this into lead generation then this is YouTube for IT contractors cabling wireless professionals. This goes into kind of more the events strategies out of paid versus unpaid. With YouTube I’m gonna just touch on this a little bit. YouTube is great because you can target your demographics. Let’s say “New York” you can target anyone that lives in Rochester New York. I wanna target people that are in the market for buying so you can target. YouTube has great analytics, you can target people who are in the market of buying and then based on that filter you can say I want to create people who are in the market for buying but also nail it down to people who are in the market that are looking for specific products. For example, I want to target people who are in the market of buying but based on a keyword like Zebra or a barcode scanner or something so if they don’t click on it or they don’t click on my ad I don’t care because they weren’t in the market for buying my specific product but if they were I’d pay for that click or pay for that and which is only pennies or cents compared to Google Adwords in Google search because Google search sometimes you pay $10 to $20 per lead and it doesn’t go anywhere but with YouTube it’s different, you’re paying a lot less. YouTube is like the untapped market right now.

Advanced LinkedIn automation I kind of tell you how to do advanced LinkedIn automation whether it’s using tools or your VA’s and all of this stuff here that I talk about here is not you doing it as a business owner. You probably have maybe like Five or ten percent involvement or more delegating but the majority of the stuff here in this course is all done through virtual assistants because you don’t need to be spending time doing link building, paying for articles. I think majority of the stuff is getting on video or even if not I even teach you the strategies how to hire, a spokesperson a video person and I’m going to show you examples so, like I mentioned you’re not going to be doing a lot of the stuff but your VA is gonna be able to join our group. Learn from our VA’s and that’s gonna be like your own team. I teach strategies of like, do hire part-time, do hire full-time. So, advance LinkedIn automation managing and hiring your virtual assistant so I go through to hire qualified virtual assistants.

Should I hire part-time or full-time, how to monitor your virtual assistant work and pay where my virtual assistants start their vacation pay bonus.Hiring a second virtual assistant the do’s and the don’ts. I’ve hired tons of VA’s. I’ve had VA’s where you know they’re holding their baby, they’re working on two computers, their keyboard action, their monitor action is low. I talk about all the stuff that I’ve learned so not just lead generation. Administrative tasks as well. You keep running everyday because the moment you take your foot off a gas pedal is the moment you’re not generating leads, you’re not getting calls but in the meantime, they’re all doing everything virtually on their PC. What’s stopping them from setting up your VoIP calls. Your online chats doing other lead generation strategies doing other things outside of lead generation.

I teach you how to get them set up on a VOIP website chat tools to use to communicate with them through Zoom calls, Skype, other tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years and then also how to give them other tasks to learn. This is important because this is the exact step that I do to delegate everything to make it easier so the next lesson is Google my business. This is how we do Google my Business postings, how we do link wheels, how we get found with search terms like MSP near me and if you look at some of my videos like I rank for some of the keywords that we’re looking for to rank for and we’ve done that easily just through delegating, through geo tagging and everything so I go into more detail. For your blog I go through SEO basics backlinks and more and like I said you don’t have to be an SEO expert because SEO is not hard there’s like certain fundamentals there’s contect, there’s backlinks and that’s how it comes in, there’s keyword research. You don’t need to do and invest into thousands of dollars or tools because we have those tools. Utilize our tools, your VA joins our group they say okay well we need to write an article, we do the keyword research, we populate it for you, your VA sources it, your VA posts it to their blog and done. So everything is kind of like you have your own marketing team for $2 to $4 an hour. Virtual Assistants are $2 to $4 an hour sometimes $6 but compensate them long. I go through all of this here and SEO for blog, cold email outreach strategies. I’ve had debates where people are saying cold email outreach doesn’t work. It works 100% because I click on a lot of emails if the subject line is great. Cold email outreach is a number game. You send a hundred emails, you might get point one and you might get one percent of those. Send a thousand rating increases, send 10,000, you just need to keep building. Build your list, build your authority and get the content. All of these strategies work. Sometimes we get one or two a month, sometimes we go one or two a week, it depends. But, you randomized, you do everything and you kind of see what’s working, you document and then you increase sometimes you might say well I wanna hire another VA on LinkedIn automation because it’s working for us or I wanna hire 2 VA’s on cold email outreach but as long as they have this the system and the process to learn from this is the basis of what you need to get started for your lead generation strategies.

Facebook for IT contractors. Does it work or doesn’t it? I’m going to tell you one thing that it doesn’t work for cold but it works for warmth because of branding. It helps build your brand and this is where retargeting and pixel strategies come into play. This is the majority of the course that wanted to give you what’s included in the free and what to expect for the paid like I mentioned when you join our directory listing on-site survey pros, you get a discount for our MSP lead generation course. Right now, the paid course is going to be about 19.97. Most programs out there that I’ve seen are I think 5 thousand. Right now we’re at 19.97 it’s gonna increase that to 99.7 but we are accepting some beta students at a low price of 19.97 for now and those of you who join our MSP directory for cabling contractors and wireless site surveys. You’ll get a discount for.

The video is a little bit longer, I just want to explain what’s going on in our free gen course and in our paid lead gen course.

IT MSP Lead Generation Course – Free Just wanted to put another update on our free lead generation course for IT companies, MSPs, cabling contractors and wireless site survey professionals.

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If your specialty isn’t in (mainly for MSP or managed service companies or other IT companies) wireless site surveys or network cabling, barcode scanning and WMS software than the course cost are $2997.

For those of you who joined our directory yes it is $99/month and it includes the course at a discounted price. As long as you belong to the network cabling directory and wireless site survey directory.

The website is currently in revamp mode and should be up soon. The course is available but we are waiting for our site to be complete.

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